The Bison Hillock stretches over the picturesque landscapes of the community of Armeniș, where an ambitious project on the protection of wildlife has been embraced and developed over the past 4 years. Sustainable development of this area and the well-being of local communities is a mission of a team of partners: AMZA, WWF, Armeniș City Hall, Rewilding Europe and friends all over the country:

Bison Hillock Association (AMZA)

With the arrival of the first bison in Armeniș, the Bison Hillock Association was born to boost the development of activities that value wildlife and cultural heritage in a sustainable way. AMZA is the umbrella of small or large initiatives that sum up the ecotourism offer in this area: accommodation and meals, specialised guides, local products, trails and tourist infrastructure, promoting them under a single brand of the Bison Hillock.

In 2016, AMZA, WWF and Rewilding Europe worked together to create a local brand for products from the Bison Hillock to reactivate and strengthen the culinary heritage and local crafts. The most important product is visiting and savouring some goodies such as honey or liquor, which you can buy at the Visitor Centre.

Armeniș City Hall

Between the mountains of Ţarcu and Semenic and surrounded by the beautiful gorges formed by the river Timiş, Armeniș is a picturesque and unique beauty. The village is documented in 1428 on the current site of the Old Village – Sat Bătrân, and at the end of the 18th century, in 1791, the inhabitants of the Armeniș Valley in Sat-Bătrân resettled on this plateau and so the village was born. The local community has been a partner in the project to re-wild the bison from the beginning and has offered nearly 75 hectares of the communal pasture for the Bison enclosure – the place where the rewilding process starts.

Armeniș City Hall

WWF Romania

Together with local partners, AMZA and Armeniș City Hall and with Rewilding Europe, WWF is working to create a sustainable development model in the Southern Carpathians, based on the values of one of the largest wilderness areas in Europe. WWF’s global mission is to stop the degradation of the environment and build a future where people live in harmony with nature. WWF has projects in 100 countries across 5 continents, which are grouped around six main directions: forests, fresh water, oceans, wildlife, climate, food.

WWF has been working in Romania since 2006 to protect the wild environment of the Carpathian Mountains and the Danube: protected areas, forests, brown bears, Danube Delta, sturgeons. Moreover, there is the growth of the green economy transition and an environmental education program addressed to young people.


Rewilding  Europe

Founded in 2011 as an independent foundation operating at the frontline of rewilding at a European scale. Making Europe a wilder place, with more space for wild nature, wildlife and natural processes. In bringing back the variety of life, they will continue to explore new ways for people to enjoy and earn a fair living from the wild.



Vânători Neamţ Natural Park

The Vânători Neamţ Natural Park (PNVNT) is a protected area established in 1999 as a Natural Park, designed to protect the natural heritage. This is the first bison rewilding site of Romania: the only place in the world where bison are held in captivity, semi-wilderness and roaming free.

Ecotourism Association of Romania

The Ecotourism Association of Romania (AER) is a partnership for nature conservation and tourism development in Romania, linking tourism associations, non-governmental local development and nature conservation organizations, nature conservation projects, and travel agencies.

BikeAttack Reșița

The BikeAttack Reșița Association is a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit organization, set up in April 2003 by a handful of determined people. BikeAttack Reșița supports the development of Banat, the involvement of sport loving people and aims to open new horizons of recreational activities in the middle of nature.


What we value

Discover the Bison Hillock through experiences that bring you in the midst of community and nature.