The diverse skill-set of the Taskforce has proven its value again and again within the project but also when it comes to coming together to help each-other and build something special.

Over the weekend, a part of the team lent a hand to Cătălin and the Bike Attack team who organised the sixth edition of the mountain bike event Metal Enduro, an Enduro World Series (EWS) qualifier. Our expert in building trails and super team mate, Cătălin, is one of the founders of Bike Attack Reșița and one of the few who worked hard and made de dream of having an Enduro event in Romania, and Banat especially, a reality.

Metal Enduro

Why was this team effort important?

Because everyone shares the same values and wants to build upon the beauty of nature in this region, bringing eco-friendly sports and recreational activities that enrich the region in a sustainable way. Armeniș and its potential to host numerous bike tracks will hopefully soon follow in the footsteps of Reșița and together create a hot-spot for this nature-friendly, healthy and alluring hobby and competition driven sport.

Helping build trails, supervising tricky curves, taking photos and communicating on the event were the main ways the team assisted with the event.


Success was crowned with the smiles of participants and the organising team and many applause to the brave and fast ones who managed to get a winning score.

You can find out more about Metal Enduro on their website.

Metal Enduro biker
In the meantime, Sebastian stuck around to show 6 Danish tourists the region and had several encounters with bison. In total he saw 17 bison and that’s significant data to add to the growing information he and Tristian are gathering about each individual animal.

Bison sightings

This week, the Taskforce pushes forward with field work on tracking bison and building trails while conscientiously uploading all data via the apps that will bind everything together in order to obtain a cohesive outcome.

You can keep up with the latest news from WWF-România and the Bison Hillock on our channels.

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Text: Bianca Ștefanuț

Photos: Bianca Ștefanuț & Sebastian Björn Fall