Building awareness in the community about the importance of conservation, rewilding bison and the added value this effort brings to the area is an essential part of the work done by the team in Armeniș.

imageMeet with the mayor
The local authorities, and especially the mayor, Mr. Vela Ioan Cristian, are invested in supporting ecoturism initiatives in this beautiful area. The guests visiting the area can enjoy the local cuisine and celebrate the growing wildlife comeback in Europe, while gaining first-hand experience with European wildlife and conservation.

Cătălin, Danne and Bianca have identified picturesque walking and bicycle trails that connect the four villages of the Armeniș commune (Armeniș, Sat Bătrân, Sub Margine and Feneș) and also possible scenic routes that lead curious tourists all the way up to the hamlets in Plopu village, by the Tara Nature Observatory. These forest trails can give tourists a glimpse into the wilderness and even the chance to spot the mighty bison, deer, lynx or bears.

Bike trails
The trails were presented in a meeting with the mayor and next steps were established to move forward with exploring the region and ensuring paths are cleared of vegetation and marked accordingly.

Campsites and a taste of local cuisine will also be readily available for visitors from around the world.

The wireframe of the website that will host the actual trails, recommendations of activities in the region and a wide array of information linked to conservation and community was also presented and received with enthusiasm by the mayor.

Walking trails
This joint ecotourism effort between the community and WWF will create direct financial benefits for the locals, stimulating local pride in the natural values and individual entrepreneurship.

We welcome you all to this wildlife safe haven and pure Romanian hospitality hotspot!

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Text: Bianca Ștefanuț
Photos: Bianca Ștefanuț & Cătălin Gavrilă