Between the mountains of Ţarcu and Semenic and surrounded by the beautiful gorges formed by the river Timiş, Armeniș is a picturesque and unique beauty.

The written story of this settlement begins in 1428. Today, the village of Armeniș is home to 1200 souls, and the communal centre. It displays over 400 buildings, many of which carry the traditional symbols found on the facades of the houses only in Banat. The villages spread their households over the meadows and hills of the community: Armeniș, Sat Bătrân, Sub Marginea, Feneş and the village of Plopu. Armeniș has as a neighbour in the south-west the Teregova commune, and in the north Sadova-Veche. In addition to ancestral occupations such as shepherding and agriculture, the people in the area are engaged in special crafts such as carpentry, blacksmithing and tailoring.

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