Myths and customs are abundantly found among the Armenis hills.
Come ready to be enchanted by stories transmitted from generation to generation.

Sub Margine

Sub Marginea

Sat Batran

Sat Bătrân





Sheep herding

Sheep herding starts from the Danube and reaches the mountains and is among the secular occupations of the area. In the old days, on Sunday, a fair was held at Stone Written Church and people were trading with salt for sheep.

The art of making răchie

Extremely smoky and smelly steam rises over many households where summer plums are used to make “raki” (brandy). The locals are kindly inviting any curiosity to explain the process through which sweet fruits go to become savorous and fragrant.


On the Easter day, they cut the green grass in the garden and put it on the threshold of the house. With the holy light taken from the church the locals go to the procession at the cross on the north side of the village, from where, after the Resurrection, they then go to the cemetery door and then the church is surrounded three times and the Resurrection service continues in the church. When the wind does not blow, it is realy enchanting, to look at the candles in the windows of the houses, in the cemetery and in the hands of the faithful.

Sânzâiene Celebration– 24 June

On the eve of the evening celebrations they go to the field with green branches of the anin and place them at the end of the house as a harvest guard. On the night of the feast, the daughters wash at the river so as not to be sleepy over the summer. In the morning, they pick special yellow flowers and all kinds of medicinal plants for different diseases. And the church they bring the Sânzâiene flowers to be blessed and then take them home.