Village life in the House under the Acacia

To get a taste of the local village life we invite you to spend a few days in a traditional house located in Sat Bătrân, “the old village”. Traditional food can be prepared upon request. A chance to slow down, be close to the community and experience local practices: small scale agriculture, carpentry or bread-making. You can book the “House Under the Acacia” independently on airbnb, here.

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Call us at 0757810905 or send us a message and we will give you all our attention to plan a special experience in the Bison Hillock.

Frequently asked questions

What can we help you with? Here is a list of frequently asked questions from our guests.

The Bison Hillock offers a variety of places where you can rest quietly.

May it be camping in the heart of nature in warm tents and with a bed; individual camping on the hills of Sub Margine or a whole traditional house at your disposal.

More information can be found on the Accommodation & Goodies page.

At the end of your experience you will be able to pay in cash the amount you originally agreed upon and you will receive the receipt.

For more details please contact our representatives at [email protected]

Children enjoy  the countryside the most, the workshops and the specially organised trails for them.

They can explore nature and discover the fauna and flora in the area; can participate in camp fires and listen to the legends of the region.

Accommodation in traditional courtyard homes is perfect to provides the space needed for the little ones to play in clean air and to be safe.

For more details, you can choose one of the family packages here.