The Taskforce use some of their time to explore Romania, this is essential in understanding the wider picture, getting to know the people and diversity of Romania and spreading information about the Bison Hillock.

A part of the team spent a few days in the Danube Delta kayaking through the mangroves among herons, wagtails and sandpipers.


The weekend took the team on an excursion to Bucegi mountains in the Malaiesti cabin where the association EduCab set up a public library dedicated to readers and lovers of the mountains. What better way to pass a stormy day in the mountains than with a cup’o’tea and reading about the Bison Hillock, a scary story by Edgar Allan Poe, or a National Geographic article?


Work-wise, last week Nico joined the team in the field tracking bison and taking a closer look into how the data he is processing is being collected. He and Ariane worked on mapping hamlet locationsand compiled attributes, building a risk index to identify which hamlet is more prone to possible damages by bison. The next step will be setting up an alert system using GPS signals to be better prepared in case of possible wildlife conflicts.


The past sessions of Film in the barn brought more than 25 eager children from all the villages to watch a movie and find out more about the wilderness in the area. The most recent Film in the barn had a thematic pumpkin carving session that was a real delight for the kids.


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Text: Bianca Ștefanuț

Photos: Bianca Ștefanuț, Sebastian Björn Fall, Tristian Herbert