Sebastian has joined the Taskforce from Sweden to contribute to the project with his wilderness guiding skills, biology and wildlife management background. He’s always ready to lift the spirits of the team with a joke in an American accent, climb a tree or pitch a tent.



My skillset is more practical than theoretical.I have skills within how to navigate into the wild, the ability to track and get close to animals. I have tracked and observed many animals as part of my profession and as a hobby as well. I also have knowledge of being in the field, in wilderness areas, knowing where to pitch a tent and build hides.

Impressions about the project

The project is focused a lot on the community because bringing together the field of conservation with the community. Which is what conservation is like, you need to be backed up by the local community for things to work. And a lot of effort is going into it here and it’s very interesting to see. My background is not in that, it’s in being out in the field tracking animals, but I think the project is doing a very good job with that.


Role in the taskforce

I am up in the field up to three days a week and we sleep either in tents or in the rangers hut. We basically try to track and find the bison and get some good obervations in order to identify them, identify behavior, group dynamics, movement patterns, and also the most important I think, see the new generation of calfs and see what kind of growth in the population.


Future plans

It’s a long road to get to where you want to in life, but working for two major organisations such as WWF and Rewilding Europe it’s kind of a jumpstart in career within conservation and wildlife management. And I think it will absolutely help me in reaching that goal.

Hey World!
A lot of people dream of getting into this business. Search wherever you can for these opportunities and do what you can where you are and in the end you will end up in a beautiful place, doing meaningful things like we do here in the Bison Hillock.

Text: Bianca Ștefanuț & Sebastian Fall

Photos: Bianca Ștefanuț & Tristian Herbert