Warm lights, the smell of freshly baked apple crumble and the bitter sweet taste of lemonade alongside breathtaking images from mountain ranges and the deep voice of David Attenborough – a perfect evening and cinematic experience.

Film in sura 1
People of all ages from the Armeniș commune gathered on Saturday night for the opening of this years’ Film in the barn event which took place in Sat Bătrân, at the wonderfully picturesque barn of the Barak family; a hardworking and dedicated family which supported the rewilding process and each team of interns that called their house a home.

Young and old gazed in amazement towards to Mountains episode of BBC Planet Earth series; sometimes laughing at bear grooming habits and sometimes shivering when frosty winters would cover the screen in white flakes.

Toni's talk
The evening concluded with a presentation given by Toni on tracks and their importance in animal behavior. Toni also pointed out that he was pleasantly surprised to find how warm and welcoming everybody was; smiles and hospitably has always made up for the language barrier.

The projections will happen every Saturday, hosted in a different barn in another village, until more colder evenings settle in the region.

Film in sura2
The Film in the barn initiative is a perfect example of the community coming together to celebrate and learn more about how valuable and beautiful nature is and how only by collaborating with it and each other can we build a prosperous and healthy future together.

Text & photos: Bianca Ștefănuț