The weekend greeted our experts with a diverse array of activities.

Astarte explored the aclimatisation area to familiarise herself with the process of collecting data on seedlings and trees that the bison have had an impact on. Together with Tristian and Ariane, this week she continues this arduous task further into the rewilding area accompanied by our two rangers: Matei and Danu.


Garana Folk Festival was the perfect way to unwind and waking up to this view of the Three Waters Lake (Lacul Trei Ape) helped us recharge our batteries for the weeks ahead.


On our return we met with Iacob Agăsân, the local historian, which stirred our curiosity and filled our minds with the rich and valuable facts and legends of the past. Armeniş area is filled with undiscovered or forgotten treasures we will present to you and we would like for you to come explore soon.


Danne, Cătălin and Bianca will travel the unbeaten paths and trace the old roman roads, discover hidden landscapes and relive the tumultuous past that spreads across these ancient ridges and forests leading all the way to the Dacian times.

We can’t wait to share with you what we will find!

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Text and photos: Bianca Ștefanut