Astarte graduated veterinary medicine this year in Bucharest and has already a history in the Bison Hillock coming here in the past two years to find out more about bison and writing her bachelors thesis on bison calves.
She loves music and is always prepared to sing and hit the road to find the next adventure.image
Why did you return to the Bison Hillock?I chose to come back because it’s a beautiful place and the people are amazing and also the study I am working on here is unique, I never came across it before.

Your role in the Taskforce

My role is to study the nutrition of the bison what’s their impact in the forest through seedling and debarking and making a correlation between this impact and what I find in the feces I collect in the forest.


Challenges and rewards

I think most challenging is being so close with wild animals and working in the forest. Working in the field for so many days at a time regardless of the type of weather. The rewarding part is that being in nature makes me happy even though sometimes it’s not easy to adapt to the circumstances.

Hey team!
I’m happy to have you around and thank you for your help and who knows, maybe we’ll have other challenges together.


The region

I was raised in Muntenia, not far from here, but the traditions there are very different. I started to compare the two regions. They have beautiful dances, the most difficult from Romania. Their traditional clothing, the colours are beautiful. I don’t like the food as I’m used to sour soups and they don’t have them here.

Future plans

Studying the nutrition of the bison and being here in the field will allow me to write and publish papers that will help me in my future career as a vet.

Hey world!
It’s autumn, it’s beautiful here, leaves are falling, time is passing…come visit the Bison Hillock!


Hei lume!

E toamnă, e foarte frumos aici, frunzele cad, timpul trece…veniți în Măgura Zimbrilor!

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Text: Bianca Ștefănuț

Photos: Bianca Ștefănuț & Cătălin Gavrilă