In the following weeks, you’ll get the chance to find out more about each member of the diverse team that set out to take the Bison Hillock by storm and know it inside and out. We guarantee you’ll find each of their roles challenging and rewarding.

Danne van Roon is from the Netherlands and graduated as a theoretical physicist and theoretical chemist and joined the Taskforce in order to get back to nature and discover the practicalities of life in the field.


Impressions about the project

I really appreciate the project that introduces European bison, bison bonasus, in the Carpathian Mountains, it really grounds me. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, it allows me to study nature, not only in theory but also with my senses. Biology might be a different domain from what I studied, but I am really enjoying this experience.

Role in the Taskforce

In the Taskforce no role is confined entirely to its own domain, but what I am doing is mainly work on development of ecotourism, where I look into what might be points of interest for potential tourists. The work includes scouting trails, then clearing them, which is very down to earth. Apart from that, as I mentioned, it’s all very much connected. I really like the diversity of everything, to help with what other people are doing, like research of the bison behavior, but also to go into the forest to determine the vegetation.


Future plans

I appreciate working on real-life problems for a change, as I have done mainly theory until now. It’s good to see how difficult things can be in practice rather than on paper. Also, here I am working in and with nature, which I wanted to do for a long time. It might well prove to be an eye opener for me, to change direction in life to a field that allows me to work outdoors more than what I have done previously.


Hey World!

Visit the area and see it. It’s quite splendid out there. All the people sitting in front of your computer, of course I don’t know you, but one thing I can recommend to you is go out. Leave your laptop, telephone or whatever computer and go out for a while. It is becalming and fun, I’m loving it. I think this would be true for many people. So, close the computer after reading this and go out.

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Text: Bianca Ștefanuț

Photos: Bianca Ștefanuț & Daniel Mîrlea