Nicolo is from Milano, he has a degree in Environmental Engineering and he’s specialised in spatial analysis and GIS software.

He also makes the best pasta and pizza in a 200 km radius and is always there when you need a hand with figuring out where the bison roam.


Role in the Taskforce

My role in the Taskforce is to help the team with GIS analysis. I gather data from them and then attribute geographical and spatial information to then build more precise maps to study a variety of things, between which discover which are the hot spots where bison like to roam. I also worked closely with ESRI to develop and implement some smartphone applications which are used by my colleagues to collect data in the field and make the entire process easier and more effective.



I think this project is very new and stimulating, building something from the beginning and every day discovering something new. Actually, the reason I came here is to understand what does field work mean and see where the data I use and analyse comes from.


Hey world!

I would like to invite everyone here because it’s a very particular, typical, unique place where you can see and live experiences that you can’t live anywhere else in the world.

Text: Bianca Ștefanuț

Photos: Bianca Ștefanuț & Ariane Serruys