Tradition says that the first inhabitants of the area were seated in the valley called “Plop”, where they moved from in 1789 to The Old Village and what we know of as Armeniș commune today. The scenic hillside at the foothills of the mountains is perfectly located to allow for sheep herds to roam from spring to autumn. These stone houses scattered all around Plopu chalets were built on the stone foundations of another older settlement, lost in the darkness of time.

Some dwellings are abandoned, others still house domestic animals and serve the villagers who come to harvest the rich fruit offered by the fertile soil. Only 6 permanent residents still enjoy the majestic views of Tarcu Mountains and endure harsh winters in Plopu.

Camp under the stars

Track wild bison and spend the night in comfortable safari style tents while enjoying local home made cuisine.

Pedal your heart out – mountain bike trails

The bike trail takes you to the heat of Plopu hamlet where you will experience a unique cultural landscape, that takes you back in time and gives you piece of mind.