Sat Bătrân, meaning the old village, was the place where the ancestors of the people of Armeniș first settled, along the Argena River valley.

It’s about 5 kilometers from Armeniș near to the E60 European road connecting the city of Caransebeş to Baile Herculane and stretches over a distance of about 7 kilometers. Tarcu Mountains are only a few hills, bike trails or hiking trails away.

The Argena River, nowadays known as Armenis Creek, you’ll come across about 100 households and close to 400 people, still working their small farms with cattle, sheep and horses partners in crime.

The Church in Sat Batrân was part of the Parish in Armeniș until 1980 when the Protopop Gheorghe Bihoi laid the foundation of a new parish. When a few faithful worshipers bought a place for cemetery in the village and on June 8, 1980 Father Gheorghe Bihoi (Taica Popa) gives his first service in the shade of an apple tree. Later in the autumn, a prayer room is established in an unused house made available to the priest by the faithful Gheorghe Mia.

In 1945 the Primary School was established in the village of Sat Bătrân, first in a rented house and in 1950 gets its own facilities including accommodation for teachers and a cultural center. In it’s first year, the school had only first graders, around 30 and one teacher, Adrian Georgescu.

Take in every step – village hiking trails

Walk along the Argena river and experience peasant life, as it used to be.

Traditional baking experiences

Enjoy quality time with your family while indulging in traditional cooking workshops in the House under the Accacia.

Wonder the villages on two wheels – bike trails

Wonder the old villages on two wheels and take a sip of life at a different pace.