Sub Marginea is a picturesque village unfolding across a hilly landscape at the edge of the forest. The name, meaning under the edge does it justice. It’s located 4 kilometers east of the main village of Armeniș. Its 200 or so inhabitants are blessed with spectacular scenery, surrounded by orchards and succulent meadows that adorn the hills.

The school in Sub Marginea was founded in 1949 in an annex hall of the Community Centre. It is no longer used today because the number of children is too low.

Take in every step – village hiking trails

Wonder the hills among the fruit trees and rich peasant stories

Take in the scenery – camp in the Bison Hillock

Sleep under the stars and wake up to breathtaking scenery

Wonder on two weels – village bike trails

Paved virgin roads? – perfect for a short and easy bike ride back in time