There is a Romanian saying: “Omul sfințește locul” – “The person blesses the place”; and indeed, there are people who through their personality, candour and devotion act as pillars for their community and make it a better place.

Suflete din Armenis

Through a series of short videos WWF Romania shines a light on people from across the picturesque villages that rest on the hills and valleys of the Bison Hillock in the South Western Carpathians; one of few places where bison roam free in the wild after 200 years of absence thanks to the rewilding initiative of WWF, Rewilding Europe and the Bison Hillock Association (AMZA).

Their voices tell the stories of their traditions and crafts, their entrepreneurial endeavors, their love for the region, nature and good hospitality. They also impart the legends of ancestors and the hopes they have for their children and grandchildren.

The local carpenter, Mr. Ioan Boștioca, is the first soul that spoke to us about his craft and how scarce the job and art of woodworking has become.

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Text and video: Bianca Ștefanuț